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3 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. commorancy Says:

    Funny, I liked Saints Row 2 better than GTA IV. While I thought GTA IV’s graphics were better than SR2, that’s really where it ended. GTA’s sluggisness of the controls, the lack of an improved gaming experience or significant additions, SR2 won my vote.

    A lot of people get turned off by SR2’s gang story themes… and yes, some of the stories did go over the top. I just felt that GTA IV was too much the same as the previous games where SR and SR2 were something different. I also liked the addition of modding cars, painting them as well as shopping and doing things other things than questing. I liked that you could customize your character’s appearance, but I wished that that had gone much farther. The enviroments felt bigger in SR2 than did GTA IV. Getting the Tornado at the end definitely made the game worth the play through for me. I just couldn’t get into GTA IV even after multiple attempts.

    I guess everyone has a different gaming experience with each type of game, though.


  2. Eye Bee Says:

    Gotta agree with commorancy on his SR2 pick over GTA IV. It seems that rockstar forgot what made GTA S.A. memorable. We didnt have fun doing the countless escort (drop this asshole off here) missions, which, by the way they kept in GTA IV but we enjoyed everything we were allowed to do to CJ. i remember spending counless hours eating, working out, and shopping just see how silly or bad ass i could make him. In GTA IV no matter what you do NIKO he looks like half the NHL. And u cant even class him up that much because suits only make him look like a door to door insurance salesman. But in Saints Row 2, i could in essence make me, or the bad ass slightly more chizzled version of me. hell i even had a sex change…twice. Before i start rambling some more i just had to say that all i really was looking forward to in GTA IV was a game as customizable as San andreas and i was extremely disappointed.

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